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    An Excerpt from Bioengineering Case Studies : Stafford Slide

    Bioengineering Case Studies - by Wendi Goldsmith, Donald Gray, and our very own John McCullah, presents a range of well-documented case studies on key techniques and best practices for bio-stabilization projects. This publication also emphasizes evaluation and comparison of different techniques and challenges across a wide range of project types and geographies!

    Here is an excerpt from Bioengineering Case Studies with a quick look inside the book!


     This is another great Chapter from recently published Bioengineering Case Studies: Sustainable Stream Bank and Slope Stabilization. For more information on the compilation, including details on the authors AND how to order please see to:

    We now offer this brillant book in an ebook format!


    John's on his way home!

    He sent us a message as well:

    "See the two excavators working on other side of bank?
    They are preparing the tieback for Bendway Weir.

    There is a wide bend with Pump House on inner bend, which at 5000 cfs, directs flows to outer bend.  This is what blew out the Gabions by causing an “end run”.  So the Bendway will redirect the thalweg back into center of the new Newbury Riffle.  

    We showed the construction folks new and cost effective construction techniques also.  We finally managed to get a loader on the job which really speeded up production.  Excavators are much more productive if they can sit and have rock delivered.

    It rained cats and doggies the last day I was there.  The river got about 3 ft higher in few hours.  Quite a challenge to cross since rock is on left bank and Bendway is on right bank!!

    The Job is about 1/2 done, we placed almost 3000 T of the 6000 T needed.

    Great to be heading home after two weeks in Northern Malaysia - taming the Pedu River! Made a lot of new friends, many challenges, so hot and humid sometimes I thought I would burst and then 6" of rain in an hour. Lots of typical "construction challenges " too!

    Brought new technology and new techniques - all well received. They threw a going away party for me yesterday, I felt the love!"


    Monday Morning Update from John!

    "[Finally] getting some rock delivered now, though we are still behind schedule.  Quite a weekend here, no work on Friday - but Saturday and Sunday very productive (in terms of placing rock for Newbury Riffle).  Punctuated by huge afternoon thunder storms.  Must have rained at least 6 inches in an hour this afternoon!!
    We are about 1/3 complete, you can see if look carefully the riffle toe downstream and the crest now built upstream.  The crest and middle of weir will come up about another meter.
    I'm teaching a course for area engineers on Tuesday morning, then a field trip out to the site.  Wedensday morning will be my last day as I fly out from KL on Thursday.  
    In meantime Ill layout everything conceivable to guys and they can finish without me."




    Hot off the Press...well actually John's iPhone!

    Here's another EXCLUSIVE update straight from John McCullah himself in Malaysia-

    "Update from project

    Sg. Pedu site is 9km below huge Pedu Dam. The reservoir touches Thai border.

    The toe of Newbury Riffle is in, but the Rock Delivery is still too SLOW.

    We Need to lay 500T per day, only getting 200 T per day.  So we are way behind schedule.

     The riffle has well graded stone (30” - 2”) well compressed.  It will be over 120’ long riffle with crest 2 meters (6ft high) then we plans on one Bendway Weir upstream to direct flood flows onto Riffle.  This river can get 125,000 cfs in winter !!!   No wonder gabion check dam failed

    Wing Leong and I have been there everyday!!!"



    Looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well! We will be in contact with John throughout most of his trip, and we will keep you updated as the project builds!

    Don't forget to subscribe to our site for messages for current news, events, and projects!

    Thanks for reading!

    - The Dirt Time Team



    John is in Malaysia... AGAIN!

    Hello! This just in from the other side of the GLOBE!!!

    John is in Malaysia with Wing where they are working on and Engineered Newbury Riffle and the first Bendway Weirs in that part of the world.

    John says the first few day were filled with construction logistics - getting equipment lined up and visiting local quarries to get the right rock.

    The project is about 30 km below a large dam near the border with Thailand.  The purpose for the work is to raise the water elevation so a large series of pumps can utilize the river water for irrigation of farms and rubber tree plantations.  

    First thing was to dismantle an old gabion check dam that had been built to serve that purpose - unfortunately the river had “blown out” around the check dam.

    Check out the HOT OFF THE PRESS PICS!!

    More on the design and construction later.  


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