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    BlinkWorks Gets a Shout Out From IECA - Great Rivers!

    Hey All, James Here!

    As some of you may or may not know, my production company BlinkWorks Media, which produces Dirt Time, does a variety of other projects as well. Many of them within the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry, many of them outside of it.  (Shameless plug:  If you need an industry-savvy video, we're always available!  Give us a call!)  

    It seems that the good people at the IECA-Great Rivers Blog wrote a nice little piece complimenting the work we did for Minnesota State Parks.  Check it out here!

    If you haven't come across the blog just yet.  I would put it on your regular reading list.  Maintained by J.B. Dixon, the blog keeps its regional members in the know, but also has a fair bit of general industry news.

    Many thanks to J.B. and IECA-Great Rivers for the mention!


    In case you haven't seen it yet, here are the videos that caught the IECA's eye: 


    EC08 Interview: ExpressBlower

    Here's an interview we did with ExpressBlower in Orlando at EC08. We had it up on the old and thought we should repost...enjoy.

    John interviews Jason Wedmore from Expressblower at EC08. For more information, check out expressblower at


    Dirt Time has made it to the Smithsonian

    I think it's a pseudo-goal of any filmmaker/television producer to ultimately make it to the Smithsonian. Doing so, means that you've established a place for yourself in the canon of popular cultural.

    ...Well, Dirt Time has done it! We made it!  We're in the Smithsonian! ...just in a slightly different wing from the TV sciences stuff...

    The Smithsonian currently has a very neat exhibit going on called: Dig it! The Secrets of Soil. It is all about Soil - virtually every facet of it.

    Though skewed towards a younger audience, if you are in the Washington area, it definitely seems worthy of checking out. You can read all about it here.

    And we are very proud to say that Dirt Time plays some small part in the exhibit. In preparation for the exhibition, the Smithsonian contacted Dirt Time, talked to John and asked for some video footage - which we were more than happy to provide. In fact, John is featured as one of the exhibits 'Explorers of Soil'.

    In what capacity, Dirt Time appears in the exhibit, we're not too sure. We hope to check it out ourselves one day soon. But if any one happens to visit the museum themselves and catches a glimpse of us - shoot us a mail, we would love to find out more.

    Here's a news piece on the exhibit:


    Willow Creek - Site Visit

    This past week, I was in Calgary, only about 90 minutes away from the Willow Creek site.  So I decided to make the trip and check out how everything is doing.

    It's been six months since we finished up over there, and I wish I was checking out the site at the end of this summer instead - because, things haven't really been given time to grow in.  But the great news is that a large majority of the willow is alive and sprouting!

    There is some not-so-great stuff...a bit of gullying here and there, some slight slope failure, but nothing too fatal Though keep in mind, this is coming from my less-than-expert vantage point.

    I took some video of the site and will be posting it as soon as we make the Willow Creek Project available - which, if all goes well, will be at the end of this week!  Tomorrow, we'll be finishing the audio tweaks and then, all there is to do is design the DVD and start shipping!


    Soil Nailing: Willow Creek Footage

    Hi All,

    James Here,

    In our upcoming Dirt Time episode on the Willow Creek Project, we go through a lot of different slope and streambank stabilization techniques (we'll post a list soon).  But one of the cooler techniques we cover is Slope Nailing - or Soil Nail Launching.

    For those of you who don't know, Soil Nail Launching is a slope stabilization technique wherein steel rods are shot into the slope, providing structure for the slope to stabilize itself around.  That's a pretty loose description, for more information, definitely check out:

    Now, from what I understand, in the past slope nailing was somewhat of an involved process that dealt with drilling, grouting, and had multiple steps....kind of complicated. 

    That is, until Morsky Industrial Services, out of Saskatchewan, brought a way-cool machine  to the site that shoots the rods (with great force) directly into the hillside.  No muss, no fuss.

    You can check out a little more about the Soil Nailing Machine machine here.

    In the finished video (due out soon) we talk quite a bit about it.  But here is a quick little video showing what I'm talking about...


    That is apparently one of only FOUR machines in the world! (currently)

    The edit is just about done.  I'm actually headed back to the site soon to get some 'after' footage.  So there will be tonnes of updates on this site in the near future.

    Keep checking back!  ...Or better yet, subscribe to our RSS Feed.