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    WYD File Downloads

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      2016 Stream Summit Presentations

      A compilation of the presentations presented at the 2016 Stream Summit held at Shasta College, Redding, California.
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      StormCon Presentations 2014

      We have compiled the presentations from John McCullah and David Derrick's course entitled "Repairing Entrenched, Incised, and Degraded Urban Streams- Techniques and Case Studies." This course was offered at the StormCon 2014 in Portland, Oregon in August of this year!
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      Stream Assessment & Repair Course Handouts

      Provided handouts at the UC Davis Stream Assessment and Repair course held on November 30th, 2016.
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      Hydromulch & Compost Study ECTF Sept 2009

      A summary version of a study conducted at the Erosion Control Training Facility in Redding, CA. The full paper will be presented at IECA's EC10 in Dallas, TX.
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      OHV BMP Manual

      Off-Highway Vehicle Park BMP design, install and maintenance manual
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      Shasta College Hydromulch Trials (2009)

      Shasta College’s Instructor John McCullah and his students from the watershed restoration class started hydro mulch test trials, at the Shasta College Erosion Control Training Facility, with the goal of answering the question”Does the application rate of 4,536 kg/ha (vs. 2,268 kg/ha) inhibit native grass seed from germination and growth?"
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      The Adventures of Junior Raindrop (video)

      A delinquent raindrop explains the need for good watershed management'